Summer Reading

Graduation is past, Maymester has begun, and for some, summer vacation has started.  Often, we think of this summer break as an opportunity to catch up on reading, research, family time, or sleep—or maybe all of the above. Well, taking a few hours this summer to review the Syracuse University Middle States Self-Study might help with all of the above too.

Reading—We need faculty, students, and staff to read the draft of the Middle States Self-Study.  This document, divided into five chapters, provides insight into how the study was done, what we found, and recommendations for items we want Middle States to hold us accountable for improving.

Research—After you read portions or all of the Self-Study Draft, we have a brief survey for you to complete to give us your feedback on what you have read.  We want to know what areas you found confusing or need more support or are missing that would help illustrate our compliance on the standards Middle States sets forth.

Family-time—Syracuse University is a family. As the Chancellor has said repeatedly and as is part of our Academic Strategic Plan, we are One University.  Therefore, we need all parts of our University family to engage with this draft and give us feedback.

Sleep—Okay, I am just being honest: This may not be the most exciting, electrifying read, but if you need help sleeping, you can attempt to read all 100+ pages in one setting and, well, that might make most tired.  So, if you are like me, you read it in parts and offer feedback as you go along.  (Or cuddle up alongside your laptop or tablet and read until you fall asleep—NOT advisable in terms of recalling information to give feedback.)

So, help your Syracuse University family out by reading the self-study draft, completing the feedback survey, and getting some rest during these spring and summer days.


By Rochelle L. Ford, tri-chair, Steering Committee