Middle States Draft Report is Ready for Your Review

Blog: Middle States Draft Report is Ready for Your Review

April 18 kicked off the University community review phase of the preliminary self-study report. We have shared it with the University Senate, with the members of the eight working teams, the reaccreditation steering committee, the provost and the Chancellor.  Now we need your feedback.

The full draft self-study has been posted for reading and review on a dedicated website http://selfstudy.syr.edu/ and an online mechanism has been set up for members of the campus community to give us feedback, comments, or questions on any portion of the draft report.

The preliminary report will remain posted through September, at which time we will make any necessary edits or revisions based on the feedback received. The final report will be submitted to Middle States by December 22.

The final report will be used as the basis for a campus visit by a team of reviewers from peer universities next spring. They will be visiting campus and talking with students, faculty, and staff to determine if what we wrote in our self-study report is an accurate reflection of what they see and hear during their visit.

We want to hear from you if the preliminary report is an accurate reflection of what you see and hear at Syracuse University.

Additionally, the tri-chairs would like to thank the individuals who chaired the eight working teams and everyone who served on those teams. Thank you for your time, your energy, your good humor, and your patience with this process and with those of us leading it.

Finally, we would like to thank all of the attendees and the volunteers and planning team that helped with the Middle States Feedback Kick-off Forum held on April 18.  A special shout out goes to:

  • Katie Rupert, assistant to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Melissa Lowry, in the Office of Institutional Assessment and Effectiveness
  • Ellen King and the Special Events team
  • University Communications
  • Jerry Edmonds, assistant provost in the Office of Institutional Assessment and Effectiveness
  • Gabe Coleman, project manager
  • Carol Boll, Public Affairs

The reaccreditation process is very time consuming and complex, and it requires the commitment of many people.

If you have any questions about the reaccreditation process, visit middlestates.syr.edu for more information.