Shared Competencies

History of the Shared Competencies at Syracuse University

In 2014, a 27-member Academic Strategic Plan Steering Committee guided the planning and fact-finding process, elicited campus input from open forums, and drafted the Academic Strategic Plan, the Trajectory to Excellence. This plan reflected the findings of multiple working groups, comprised of over 90 faculty, staff, and student representatives.

In 2015, the Academic Strategic Plan Working Group 1 developed the following goal that served as the foundation for the shared competencies discussion over the past few years: Clearly define and boldly instill a set of distinctive Syracuse University competencies, skills, experiences and values for all undergraduate students, to be collaboratively developed and consistently applied and acted upon at both the curricular and co-curricular levels across all schools and colleges.

Upon the release of the Trajectory to Excellence, Implementation Working Group 1 was charged to further develop the competencies and plan for implementation. Multiple focus groups, presentations to all of the schools/colleges, and discussions were held to elicit faculty, staff, and student input. Individual comments were evaluated and incorporated into the competencies.

In 2016, the 4+4 was developed and shared at a University Senate meeting and across campus.

In 2017, the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Shared Competencies was charged to review the competencies that emerged from Working Group 1, to develop a mechanism for the Provost’s Office to regularly review the competencies, and to bring to the Senate any updates.

In spring 2018, the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Shared Competencies conducted a survey of University Senators regarding the 4+4 shared competencies framework. Qualitative feedback from the survey was evaluated and incorporated into the competencies where possible. The following University Senate presentation shared the survey results: University Senate Survey Results.

In fall 2018, the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Shared Competencies revised the 4+4 and now proposes the current draft of the shared competencies.  Please continue with the survey to provide feedback on this draft. The survey will be open for two weeks. This two week period is a final opportunity to provide input before the Ad Hoc Committee brings the set of competencies to the University Senate floor for a vote.