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Syracuse University's Middle States Self-study

The arrival of our new Chancellor in July 2004, the subsequent articulation of a new vision for the University, and the adoption of a new budget system combine to make this a most opportune time for our decennial Middle States self-study. The selected-topics model for self-study provides an excellent opportunity to involve faculty, staff, students, and community members in the process of developing a more sophisticated understanding of the vision as it applies to faculty and graduate education and to undergraduate education. We have, for our research questions, woven the three strands of our vision in a somewhat different pattern. So, for example, because we expect that engagement with the world plays out differently for faculty and graduate students than it does for undergraduates, we will study engagement in those contexts rather than as a separate topic.

As we educate ourselves and others about who we are and what we aspire to become, we will take stock, think creatively about the ways in which we could realize our vision, and craft as a community a set of concrete recommendations to help us achieve that vision. In addition, the self-study will occur during the first year of the new budget system implementation, allowing us to focus on methods to measure the success of the new system in supporting the achievement of our vision. Finally, the timing of the self-study process will allow us to leverage the important work already underway in task forces that are examining and developing recommendations on issues such as institutional climate, academic integrity, the creation of a Summer University, and the implementation of our newly created Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.


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